Okie Noodling Festival.
3 girl hikers looking at the Lake Murray view
Mom & Child getting ready for horse back ride
Chickasaw National Recreational Area Bridge

Fun In The Hashi' (Sun)!

What is your process for determining a successful road trip?

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Multiply the perceived distance traveled with the estimated associated expenses, add that product to the possible balance (or imbalance) of road trip buddy compatibility and divide that sum by the cumulative probability of quality memories made. This quotient will allow you to peek into the future and determine whether your next road trip will be a success! 

Okay, so maybe my theory has a few holes in it, but here’s one that will guarantee a successful road trip for you and all of your buddies. The key factor in this equation is Hashi’.

Hashi’ is the Chickasaw word for the sun. Hashi’ gives life. Hashi’ provides us an opportunity to live and laugh in this beautiful place we love called Chickasaw Country.

Hashi’ sticks around a little bit longer in the summertime, which means we get to enjoy the festivals, events and natural features of Chickasaw Country just a little bit more each day. So, we’re encouraging you to get out and enjoy your summer – learn something new, dive into different activities, get out of your comfort zone and most of all, get outdoors and take in the scenery.   

Don’t know where to start? How about one of the dozens of beautiful lakes in the area? From the crystal clear waters of Lake Murray to the festive atmosphere of Texoma, there are literally hundreds of shoreline miles and thousands of acres of surface area all across Chickasaw Country that offer some of the best fishing and boating waters in the state!

You can blaze your own trail in the Chickasaw National Recreation Area to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the National Park Service and even take a dip in the ever-brisk waters of Little Niagra Falls. Make the quick ten-minute hike to the top of Bromide Hill for an impressive view of the town of Sulphur! 

If walking isn’t really your style, saddle up and enjoy the serenity of a horseback trail ride! Guided tours will take you through historic ranches, majestic wildlife and unforgettable scenery.

After a fun day of summertime adventures, grab your lawn chair and enjoy an evening of live music at one of our live music venues.

These are just a few of the many activities happening only in Chickasaw Country this summer!