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Goldsby, OK

Driving south on I-35, the town of Goldsby is the first taste of Chickasaw Country that a traveler gets. The open farmland is a contrast to the world-class entertainment and high-fashion party venues right around the corner.

What to Do

For bright light entertainment in this small town, head to the Goldsby Gaming Center, with more then 23,000 square feet of floor space filled with games. Play the slots or try your hand at bingo and see if lady luck is smiling on you today!

Goldsby is home to Chasing Elly Apparel Company Whether you are looking for the latest in fashion or a comfy outfit for the road, you will definitely find it at this locally owned-shop!

Where to Eat

After a day of play at Riverwind Casino or Goldsby Gaming, or just when you find yourself roaming down I-35, be sure to stop at Libby’s Café. You’ll feel right at home when you step in, whether you’re looking for a quiet family dinner that can be eaten in the downstairs dining area, or if you want to want to watch the big game or listen to live music on the upstairs patio. 


The history of Goldsby is relatively short and deeply entwined with neighboring towns such as Washington and Norman. The town was incorporated in 1962, and has never actually had its own post office, always sharing with Washington.

The Davis Jay Perry Airport was originally built by the US Navy in 1943 to work in tandem for the war effort with what is now the Norman Regional Airport. Today it is a public-use airport.

When you find yourself going down I-35, if you need a break to play, catch a great all-American meal, or a location to host an event to bring everyone together at a convenient location, don’t overlook what Goldsby has to offer!

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