Bradley, OK

Bradley, Oklahoma sits in the open land of Chickasaw Country between Chickasha and Lindsay, on Highway 19.

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When you go through Bradley, be sure to stop by Pat’s Twisted Vine Gift Shop. A native to Bradley, Pat continues her mother’s business in selling crystals and rocks, man-made glass, and home décor. Pat specializes in beautiful custom home décor arrangements made from natural pieces such as petrified wood, timber slices, and cow horns.

When you find yourself traveling down Highway 19, take a moment to stop by Bradley and pick up some unique pieces made with Oklahoman pride and history.


Long before there was an Oklahoma, the town of Bradley was home to a prehistoric Native American camp. Now known as the Jewett Site, because it was discovered on the Jewett family’s land, artifacts from 1250- 1400 were found along the Washita River. Bradley has been a significant site in Native history through the artifacts found at the Jewett Site. The area of Bradley was home to the Caddo Nation before the Great Removal. Prehistoric artifacts were found in 1979 and date back to A.D. 1250 – 1400.

More recent history, Bradley was a point along the famous Chisholm Trail. There was a cattle ranch near Bradley, the 97 Ranch, which influenced this stop.

The post office was placed in the town in 1891. Bradley was named after brothers William and Winter Bradley, who were important settlers in the town. The town of Bradley was incorporated in 1938 and had its first election that year. 

Winter Bradley had married Texanna Colbert in 1880. She was the daughter of a prominent Chickasaw leader in the Indian Territory, Benjamin Colbert, who had founded the town of Colbert on the Red River, also in Chickasaw Country.

In 1907, the Rock Island Railroad began to run through Bradley on its daily trip from Lindsay to Chickasha. By 1942, railroad service ended, and the railroad was deconstructed for use in the war effort.

It wasn’t until 1938 that Bradley was legally incorporated. Although a school district was established in 1907, it wasn’t until 1940 that the WPA assisted in building a two-story school building for the town. Although Bradley’s school district was annexed by Alex in 1990, there is still a great deal of pride in the school’s history, including the blue and gold Celtic dragon, which was the mascot, and is still on the town welcome sign.

With much gratitude to the History of the Town of Bradley for resources.

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