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Ken's Steak and Ribs in Amber

Amber, OK

Amber is home to the Amber-Pocasset High School and an Oklahoma favorite, Ken’s Steak & Ribs Steakhouse. And, less than 10 miles away lies Pocasset, which is home to the Amber-Pocasset Elementary School and SaltCreek Casino.

Where to Eat

The town is famous for an Oklahoma favorite, Ken's Steak & Ribs! Ken’s is a family-owned and operated restaurant located on Main Street in Amber. This steakhouse is well-known across Oklahoma for their tastiest smoked meats with menu options for southern-style cuisine including: smoked chicken, ribs, prime rib, and many steak options. Any meal at Ken’s wouldn’t be complete without fried food favorites, salads, desserts, and signature sides such as beans or fried okra!


In 1906, Lena Chastain, a Choctaw Native, sold an abstract of title, creating the town we now call Amber, Oklahoma. Located along the former St. Louis and San Francisco railways, Amber is located in Grady County just off of Highway 92. Soon after, W.T. Cloud, purchased the land just east of the railways and began modernized civilization in the town creating the town’s water well, a general store, school and livery barn, where town-goers could purchase clothing.

By 1919 the school enrollment was over 300 students, and by 1929 almost 500 students, educating mostly railroad workers’ children as the Amber population was growing rapidly. One can imagine, the school system quickly became too small for the town’s growing population and in 1965, 19 schools from two towns were consolidated to create the Amber-Pocasset school system. The two towns, Amber and Pocasset, are less than a 10-minute drive from one another. The quaint town of Amber is known as “The biggest small town in Grady County” with more than 400 people residing in the town in 2021.

Minter Brothers & Davidson, a well-known pioneer association for carrying on business in Grady County, supplied space for the post office in Amber, which opened in 1903.

Amber was a booming town in the early 1900s, and was home to several other businesses, including Amber State Bank, a blacksmith shop, general merchandise stores, lumberyards, a drug store, and the community newspaper, the Amber Press.

The Amber-Pocasset School is the oldest consolidated school in Oklahoma. The Amber-Pocasset school district community has always held education as a priority, and this mission has stood true since the early 1900s. Former and current students alike feel that the Amber-Pocasset educational community is more like family, than traditional classmates.

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