Falconhead Resort Gated Entrance
Statue at Falconhead Resort Golf Course
Burneyville green sign
Falconhead Resort Golf Course

Burneyville, OK

Just north of the Red River and west of I-35 sits the small town of Burneyville. 

In many ways, Burneyville represents what so much of Chickasaw Country is. On the one hand, it is a small, agricultural town of just over 1000 people. But it also contains the beautiful Falconhead Resort and Country Club, which has drawn in people from around the country to play a round of golf, and where heroes of the PGA and LPGA once played.

What to Do 

Burneyville is perhaps most well known for the Falconhead Resort and Country Club. Formerly known as Turner's Lodge, it gained fame in the 1950s and 60's when it hosted both LPGA and PGA tours. Many of the time's most famous golf players graced the Falconhead course. Today, more than half of the residents of Burneyville live within Falconhead. Besides a golf course graced by famed professionals, Falconhead also houses a pro shop, restaurant, many housing options, a fire station and a chapel. 

Besides the amenities, Falconhead also features lovely scenery, including two lakes and a pond. Both Falconhead Resort and the town of Burneyville have come together to provide entertainment, amenities and hometown life to complement each other. There is a local chapter of the Audubon Society, and there are more than 140 species of birds can be viewed in the area.

Where to Stay 

Find a relaxing overnight stay at the Falconhead Lodge at the Falconhead Resort and Country Club. There are three rooms and cabins to rent for a group stay. While staying at Falconhead, guests can also stay entertained by taking advantage of the on-site tennis courts, outdoor swimming pool, lounge/bar (BYOB), 18-hole golf course and more. While you're, there check out Opie's Cafe for a leisurely breakfast, lunch or dinner.


Burneyville was settled and named for early Chickasaw leaders David C. and Lucy Burney in the 1840s. Their son, Benjamin C. Burney, would later become an influential leader and Governor of the Chickasaw Nation. Demonstrating innovation in the agricultural world, Burneyville is also home to the Red River Research and Demonstration Farm. This is an initiative of the Sam Roberts Noble Foundation, a major philanthropic organization dedicated to spearheading new technology in the energy and agricultural sector.