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Boomarang Chocolate Pie

Lone Grove, OK

This small town community grooves to the beat of its own southern drum with jives of local ingenuity and chimes of timeless charm. Built on the site of a former village located in the Chickasaw Nation of the Indian Territory near a stand of cedar trees, Lone Grove has a lot to offer to its visitors from a family-owned general store to a novelty boutique.

What to Do

Shop 'til you drop in Lone Grove. PIXIEdust not only serves delicious baked goods, sweets and treats, but they also carry clothing, local goods and gifts for the entire family. From items for the baby or the kiddos to kitchenware and home decor, you can find the perfect gift (for someone else or for you) at PIXIEdust. Legacy Boutique and Gifts offers trendy women's apparel with boutique collections and hot brand names. Make sure to check out their trendy fan gear and spirited accessories from their OU/OSU section.

Where to Eat

For a quick treat, check out the bakery section in PIXIEdust or the baked goods from Throttle Junkies Java House. Boom-a-rang Diner - Lone Grove serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Or something unique, check out Yummy China where the local favorites are the Sweet & Sour Chicken, their Fried Rice dishes and the Hawaiian Chicken.

Explore Lone Grove

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