Chickasaw Cultural Center
Group tour at Chickasaw Cultural Center in Sulphur
Chickasaw Cultural Center

4 Must-See Statues in Chickasaw Country

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With more than 7,600 square miles in 13 counties, there is a lot of ground - and history - to cover in Chickasaw Country! One way to explore the vast history is to visit the different statues around the area! 

The Chickasaw Warrior

“The Chickasaw Warrior” at the Chickasaw Cultural Center in Sulphur is a must see! The Warrior represents the Chickasaw’s people’s “unconquered and unconquerable” spirit. It was made by the late Kelley Haney, a past Oklahoma Legislator and the former Principle Chief of the Seminole Nation.

Statue in Sulphur, OK at Chickasaw Cultural Center

The Owwatta

Also at the Chickasaw Cultural Center is “The Owwatta” which means “They’re hunting” in the Chickasaw language. It shows two Chickasaw hunters in the prehistoric era of Mississippian Culture Period.

Dining options: Grab a bite at the Aaimpa' Cafe' located at the Cultural Center for a taste of Chickasaw traditional foods. 

statue at Chickasaw Cultural Center in Sulphur, OK

Next stop: Ardmore (34 miles)

The Chickasaw Man

In the Ardmore area, “The Chickasaw Man” is a fun statue to view at the Greater Southwest Historical Museum. This statue was a gift from Jerome Westheimer Sr. and designed by Doug Hyde. “The Chickasaw Man” is a more modern representation of the Chickasaw people after moving to Indian Territory.

Also check out Tucker Tower. Overlooking the beautiful Lake Murray in Lake Murray State Park, Tucker Tower is well worth a visit to experience the sights in and around the tower, as well as the history the location has to offer.

statue at Greater Southwest Historical Museum in Ardmore, OK

Next stop: Duncan (71 miles)

On the Chisholm Trail

If you’re looking to celebrate the rich culture of the Chisholm Trail, then stop by the Chisholm Trail Heritage Center in Duncan to see the “On the Chisholm Trail” statue. This statue tells the story of cowboys driving cattle on the Chisholm Trail.

Take time to walk through the Garis Gallery inside the Heritage Center. The Gallery exhibits works by renowned artists including Frederick Remington, George Catlin, Charles Russell, Allan Houser and regional and local artists of note.

Statue at Chisholm Trail Heritage Center in Duncan, OK

So if you’re in the mood to learn more about the history of the area then, take a trip to south-central Oklahoma! Bring a camera and get ready to learn some history. Don’t forget to use #VisitChickasaw on social media for a chance to be featured!