Wheel Adventure

 Explore Chickasaw Country's Scenic Cycling Trails!

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Grab a helmet, jump on your bike and tag along as we explore Chickasaw Country’s cycling trails.

Leisurely Riding Trails

Chickasaw National Recreation Area, Sulphur

If you are looking for the perfect place to enjoy nature and exercise, go biking in the Chickasaw National Recreation Area. The CNRA has more than 30 miles of trails and all allow bikers except for the trail behind the Travertine Nature Center and Bromide Hill. While biking, you can see some of the best viewpoints! The trails are very accessible, and there are different trails for riders with different abilities. One fun trail is a 3-mile paved trail around Veterans Lake at the CNRA. The trail offers a beautiful view of the lake and is easy to access. The most accessible trail for bikers is a four-mile Rock Creek trail. It starts at Cedar Blue Road and ends near Veterans Lake.



Mountain Bike Trails

Chickasaw Country has several trails accessible for mountain biking. From easy to moderate, these trails vary in length and ride time.

Chickasaw National Recreation Area, Sulphur

Rock Creek Multi-use Trail: Trail 1 
4.7 miles 
This easy point-to-point trail follow the Rock Creek corridor so expect some small creek crossings on your ride.

Rock Creek Trail 1 and 3 Loop 
4.1 miles 
This moderate loop trail offers views of wildlife and wildflowers along the ride.

Rock Creek Trail 4 Loop 
3.7 miles 
This moderate loop trail is well marked, quiet and gravel for half of the ride.

Lake Murray State Park

Lake Murray Mountain Bike Trail
3.0 miles 
This moderate out-and-back trail has been described as rigorous with amazing lake views.

Ski Jump Trail 
6.0 miles 
If you begin this easy out-and-back trail at the Ski Jump Trail parking area, you can ride to the Lake Murray Nature Center and visit Tucker Tower at the halfway point before returning back.

North Anadarche Trail 
6.6 miles 
This easy out and back trail meanders through woods along the west side of Lake Murray. This trail can be narrow at times but wildlife is often seen in the morning or late afternoon.

South Anadarche Arm MTB Loop 
6.2 miles 
This easy loop trail winds through the wooded area around Lake Murray. While the loop is a bit longer, there are a few places where you can but back to the return loop for a shorter ride.

Purcell Lake

Purcell Lake Loop 
3.3 miles 
This moderate loop takes riders all the way around Purcell Lake. The trails are paved, ADA accessible and multi-use.

Waurika Lake

Walker Creek Short Loop 
1.8 miles 
This easy loop trail features views of Waurika Lake with a mostly flat grassy ride.

The perfect time to go for a ride is in the morning or around twilight. If you do go for a bike ride during the heat of the day, remember to drink lots of water! Some trail systems do not offer water sources, so make sure to bring water on all rides.

Always watch for traffic, others on the trails and be aware of your surroundings.

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Enjoy the beautiful weather and go for a bike ride! Biking helps your health, saves money and helps the environment. Not to mention, biking always brings back childhood memories!