Grannie & Pops in Hennepin
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Hennepin, OK

Hennepin may be small but it is grand in history.

The town named after Father Louis Hennepin, a member of LaSalle's Louisiana Expedition, still stands strong with small town charm and big eats at Grannies and Pops. This old-fashioned, family-operated restaurant with outstanding customer service and small town charm serves breakfast and lunch with daily specials. And you bet - it's just like Granny made it!

Staying awhile? Book the Vista Del Sol Bunkhouse & Livery, a western-style vacation rental on a 40-acre ranch. You can even bring your own horse!


It may be small, but that is just how the locals like it. Hennepin, Oklahoma is home to roughly 115 people who love their small, hard-working community and the peaceful lifestyle the country location provides. One would need to look about 10 miles in any direction from Hennepin to see anything aside from farmlands or wind turbines. However, in the center of town sits a US post office founded on Feb. 16, 1885, a community center for occasional events – including daily dominoes games with the locals.

When driving along Highway 7, stop by and see the southern hospitality Hennepin has to offer.

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