Resolutions for the New Year

Hi friends! Kalli here. 

I can’t believe it. It feels like yesterday that I was writing the New Year, New Me blog with my 2018 resolutions. This year flew by, and now it’s time reflect and make new goals for 2019. 

2018 was a wonderful year! I was able to do so many cool and fun things as the Chickasaw Country Travel Blogger. I went on thrilling adventures by ziplining at Air Donkey Zipline and 777 Zipline in Davis

I practiced being a cowgirl by going on a trail ride with Arbuckle Mountain Trail Rides at the Chickasaw National Recreation Area.  

I shopped, shopped, shopped in south-central Oklahoma including at Junk Stars in TishomingoEffie’s Unique Boutique in Madill, and Bromide Mountain Co in Sulphur. I’ve found so many cute clothes and home décor for my apartment. 

I’ve found a few favorite local restaurants including Main Street Bistro in DavisHobo Joes in Madill, and the Bob’s Pig Shop in Pauls Valley. I went on queso trail, and if that wasn’t enough, I went on a cookie trail

And, I even met Chickasaw Country’s own, Blake Shelton! Okay, okay, maybe I didn’t exactly meet him, but it’s on my list for this year!


In 2018, I set 10 goals for myself, but this year I’m only setting 1. My one goal for 2019 is to use all of my vacation days, and I hope you join me in setting the same goal. 

Whether you have 5 or 25 days to use, I want to help you accomplish your goal! Chickasaw Country has partnered with Project: Time Off to help get the word out about unused vacation days. It’s a growing problem people are not taking their paid time off work. Sad, right? Over the last 40 years, Americans have dramatically decreased their vacation usage. For decades American’s took an average of 20.3 days of vacation, but in 2000 that number declined, with most people losing almost a week of vacation. 57% of us have unused vacation days, that’s 9,805,010 number of days each year we could be spending with friends and loved ones doing the things that we love.

Okay, Okay. Using all of your vacation days sounds wonderful in theory, but how can you leave work with upcoming deadlines and projects? I get it. Taking time off can be tough. The key to using all of your vacation days is by planning! 

January 29, 2019 is National Plan for Vacation Day, and it’s the perfect time to plan PTO for 2019. Buy a planner or pull out your phone and start planning fun for the new year! Stay tuned over the next month for planning guides that will help when you plan your vacation to Chickasaw Country!

Happy new year,




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