Cheerleaders perform at Stratford Peach Festival
Bank Museum Front
Waurika Festival Sign in downtown
Marlow Brothers

The Top Small Towns in Chickasaw Country

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Drive through a small town in Chickasaw Country, and everywhere you look you will see examples of local pride and tradition. Store windows painted with cheers for Friday’s game, the town flag flying high, and the water tower painted proudly with the town’s name to welcome visitors and residents alike. The historic downtowns and beautiful main streets of south-central Oklahoma are great places to explore and experience small-town charm. If you think it’s time to escape the hustle and bustle of life, take a step back in time by visiting these small towns in Oklahoma. 


Marlow Mercantile, Marlow Oklahoma

Marlow, Okla. is just 10 miles north of Duncan in the southwest corner of Stephens County. It has a rich history of outlaws and the wild west, but today you can experience a beautiful downtown with cute boutiques and delicious restaurants. While you are walking down Main Street, stop in at the Marlow Mercantile. This is a two-story building with home décor, clothing and antiques. Just down the street from the mercantile, you will find a children’s store – Baby Glam and Mama Too. If you’re looking for somewhere to eat, Marlow has it! Brother’s Barista and the historic Giuseppe’s Italian Restaurant are all within walking distance on Main Street. 


Stratford Oklahoma

Stratford, Okla. is located in Garvin County and was first established in 1891. In 1906, after the Oklahoma Central Railroad was created two miles south of the town, the Stratford citizens relocated the town to its current location. Stratford is known for one very delicious crop … peaches! There are over 900 acres of peach orchards around the town which is why Stratford is the self-proclaimed “Peach Capital of Oklahoma.” Throughout the summer, stop by a roadside stand for the farm-fresh fruits or visit the annual Stratford Peach Festival. On Main Street in downtown Stratford, grab a bite to eat at McGee’s Café for savory, southern-style dining. If you are in the mood to shop, stop in at Uniques for jewelry, clothing, furniture and home décor. 


Tishomingo National Fish Hatchery stock pond


Tishomingo, Okla. was established in 1856 as a trade center and served as the capital city of the Chickasaw Nation until Oklahoma statehood. Now, over 150 years after the town was established, the downtown is a vibrant as ever. You can park your car on Main Street and walk almost anywhere. Junk StarsMurray on Main and R + R Apparel Co. are all boutiques within a few blocks of each other. While you are downtown, you can grab a bite to eat at Blake Shelton’s Ole RedLatte Da Coffee House and Boom-a-rang Diner. If you are looking for entertainment, stop by the Indie Cinema on Main Street to experience the movies in a newly renovated historic theater. 


Waurika Oklahoma

Waurika, Okla. was open for settlement in 1901 and was officially established in 1903. It is in the middle of cattle country and the Chisholm Trail ran by the town. Waurika is known for a spring festival where thousands of people travel from near and far to experience the … Rattlesnake Festival. The downtown streets are made of brick and murals are easy to be found. Every Saturday on Main Street, you can shop for fresh fruits and vegetables at the local farmers market from 8:30 a.m. – 11 a.m. While you are downtown, stop by the Waurika Rock Island Depot to learn the history of the town. While you’re exploring, eat delicious catfish at Bill’s Fish House and shop at the local boutique, Small Town Creations