Local Deals

Make trip planning as easy as pie with the latest local deals in Chickasaw Country. From shopping and dining discounts to hotel packages and more, take advantage of the fantastic savings and get more for less while exploring Chickasaw Country!

  1. Deal of the Month- Exhibit C

    Exhibit C • Oklahoma City, OK

    Exhibit C in Oklahoma City will be offering 25% off DVDs and Blue-Rays.  Learn more about Chickasaw history this summer!

    (*Offer valid now through July 31, 2016)

  2. Deal of the Month- Chickasaw Visitor Center

    Chickasaw Visitor Center • Sulphur, OK

    This month's deal at the Chickasaw Nation Visitor Center in Sulphur  is 20% off all t-shirts. Swing by to add some native flavor to your summer wardrobe!

    (*Offer valid now through July 31, 2016)

  3. Chisholm Trail Heritage Center

    Chisholm Trail Heritage Center • Duncan, OK

    In appreciate for all the fans of Chickasaw Country, the Chisholm Trail Heritage Center is offering $2 off admission! Swing by Duncan this summer and learn how the west was won right here in Oklahoma.

  4. CTS Cup Deal

    Visit any of the Chickasaw Travel Stop locations and purchase your special CTS cup for $3.99 and get unlimited $.69 cent refills!